We are pleased to announce that we at SAGETECH MACHINERY will be exhibiting at MAKERS CENTRAL 2019 at the NEC BIRMINGHAM on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May. Our stand is P71 and we will be showcasing some of our DESKTOP ENGRAVER machines. Come along and chat to some of the team to discuss your ENGRAVING needs and VERTICAL PANEL SAW needs.
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SmithField Timber choose reliability for their Customers

Company Name – Smithfield Timber

Who are Smithfield Timber? We are a North East family based Timber Merchant that provide various type of materials and services to the Teeside area as well as further afield. We have been established for over 25 years and have two sites. Our most common deliveries are for decking, fencing materials, shed building materials, timber cutting, skirting and worktops to name a few.

Where did you hear about Sagetech Machinery?
 Last year we had received some brochures into our premises and kept them on file. When we realized we needed to upgrade our Safety Speed Cut, the leaflet was to hand and we called Sagetech Machinery first.

Why did you purchase a new Vertical Panel Saw? We were previously using a Safety Speed cut which we traded in for our KF16. We had outgrown the Safety Speed Cut in both size and reliability for cutting the amount of sheets we required, as our demand had increased in the 7 years we owned the machine. We had to replace the motor on our old saw as it was not capable of coping with the demand and decided we need a larger and more robust saw.

How did you find the process from initial enquiry to purchasing your machine? FAULTLESS. I spoke to Craig who was really helpful and discussed a few different machine options with me. He did me a great deal on the KF16 and we ordered the machine straight away, maybe within a couple of days of first speaking with Craig. As we ordered just before Christmas, we waited a few week for delivery of the machine which worked well for both of us.

How did you find the Delivery and Installation Process? I was on holiday when the machine was delivered and installed but I got excellent feedback from the boys and no one had any complaints or anything negative to say about it.

What benefits have you seen from the machine since having it installed?  It’s so much more reliable. It isn’t burning the mdf which we were having problems with, with the Safety Speed Cut. The motor wasn’t strong enough for the material we are using whereas with the Vertical Panel Saw, it is, so we aren’t having that problem anymore. We can comfortably cut the sheets we need in line with our demand and it gives us more reliability for our customers.

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Get To Know Your Customer Day

Get to know your Customer – Serendipity Designs
In preparation for Get to Know your Customer day on Thursday the 17th of January, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to have a chat with recent customers Gail and Richard about what they do and why they chose Sagetech Machinery to purchase their Vertical Panel Saw.

Company Name:
 Serendipity Designs

What do you do? We are a small husband and wife duo that specializes in custom made furniture. Originating from Richard’s experience of making his own furniture as a hobby for the last 30 years, we decided to make this a business to support our retirement. Our most popular products currently are kitchen islands, dining tables and bespoke bedroom furniture. 

Why did you decide to purchase a Vertical Panel Saw?
 We had initially been buying our material, ready cut through mainstream suppliers and felt that we could reduce our costs by bringing our cutting in house. As we had a large workshop, we knew that we would have the space, however the cost was something that we needed to work on. Being a small business, we did not have the cash readily available and we delayed the initial purchase for a year from when we first enquired.  We knew that we would save money in the long run if we made the leap to buy so in the middle of 2018 we purchased an ex demo KF21.


How did you find the sales and installation process? Smooth and reassuring.  As a somewhat older couple, we were unsure on where to begin. When we first enquired in 2017, we spoke mainly to Phil, who discussed our products and how often we would be using the machine. We originally had a larger machine in mind but Phil was honest and admitted a smaller model with a smaller budget would be better for us. After explaining to Phil that financially it wasn’t viable, we discussed finance options but felt it would be better for us to save some money and pay outright in a few months time. Phil touched base with us a few months later explaining that an ex demo machine had come available which would allow us to have the model we required but for less than originally discussed. This was a much better option for us and worked better with the money we had been able to save since.  With regard to delivery and installation, we agreed a date and the machine arrived approximately two weeks after confirmation. An engineer was sent a few days later who set the machine up, calibrated it and gave us in-depth training.  We had a lot of questions as we hadn’t used this type of machine before and aren’t very technology savvy but the Engineer was patient and answered everything we needed without frustration. Whenever we have had any questions since installation, Mark and Phil have been happy to take our call, offering a great aftercare service.

How has a Vertical Saw benefitted you and your business?Mainly, it has saved us a lot of money, which we have been able to pass onto our customers. We have estimated that the cost of the machine will have been cleared within 12 months of purchase. It also has saved us considerable time as our nearest  cutting supplier was approximately a half an hour drive which meant an hour out of the workshop when requiring our materials. We aren’t spring chickens so the long drive and lifting of material was an inconvenience for us. Not only this, it has increased our confidence with this type of machinery and has allowed us to bring on more work.

Exhibiting at Trophex 2019

After a successful trip to Eurotrophex in Berlin, Sagetech Machinery exhibiting be at Trophex 2019!

Sagetech Machinery are delighted to confirm that they will be exhibiting at Trophex 2019. Following on from an exciting and successful trip to Berlin for Eurotrophex 2018 the team at Sagetech Machinery will be present on the 13th and 14th of January to exhibit their popular Desktop CNC Engraver and show examples of what their engraver is capable of making.

Sagetech Machinery have had an exciting and successful 2018 with various exhibitions and the launch of their new range of Vertical Panel Saw, the Techkut and their Desktop CNC Engraver. The team will be demonstrating their engraving, while showing off products that they have been desiging to show the full potential of this fantastic piece of machinery. There will be some exciting discussions to be had, with the announcement of new models and sizes of engravers.

Sagetech Machinery are known as the UK’s leading manufacture of Vertical Panel Saw’s, however they also manufacture 3D Printers and Engravers. The engraver was designed following on from feedback from customers who own a Sagetech Manufacturing Vertical Panel Saw, wanting to utilise the many offcuts that they were left with after they had finished cutting down their sheets of wood.


Managing Director Craig Williams explains ” It became apparent, after multiple conversations with our clients that there was a lot of wastage coming from the off cuts of wood. We wanted to design an engraver that could accommodate the size of the off cuts and give a new revenue stream to our clients who could now engrave onto the left-over wood and sell a new range of items”.

As the Desktop Engraver had been so popular in Berlin, they wanted another opportunity to show its potential in the UK and give new clients an idea of exactly what their Engraver is capable of. The CNC Router is not only perfect for smaller woodworking projects but also allows for the engraving of other materials such as acrylic, Styrofoam, plastic and soft metals. Commercial Director Sophie Williams states “We enjoy being updated by our clients and sending images back to us of the work they have been doing, utilising their engraver. We have seen the engraver designing products such as toolboxes, seasonal ornaments and decorations, kitchen utensils, boards and plaques plus more.”

This engraver also comes inclusive with Vectric Software to ensure maximum enjoyment of the CNC. The team chose to offer Vectric as it offers a fantastic online community to support both experienced engravers and novice engravers to get the most from their machines. With fantastic tutorials and free plans to get you going, you can enjoy using your engraver as soon as your machine is delivered.

So come along to stand 15 and see what all the fuss is about.


Preston based sign makers, Optimum Signs are a high-quality sign makers whom pride themselves on their decades of experience and commitment to customer service. With over 40 years of combined experience, they use the latest print technology and software to provide their customers with exceptional signage. With no budget too big or too small, the skilled technicians at Optimum signs will find a solution and ensure the highest quality is provided.
So, when it came to choosing the right vertical panel saw for them to size their panels they wanted the most accurate they could find. They wanted to bring their sheet cutting in house, to reduce expenses and save time but without compromising on quality.
Optimum stated “We had been ordering our panels in cut to size, this was slowing down our process and was a great expense to the company. We didn’t have a lot of space in the workshop, so a vertical panel saw was the ideal option”
The team at Sagetech Machinery discussed their options based on their cutting requirements and Optimum Signs decided to invest in a brand new ZM16. The ZM series comes in two sizes – the ZM12 and the ZM16. The difference is that the ZM 12 will take sheets of material of 2500x1250mm while the ZM 16 will take a full 3100x1600mm sheet. Both saws have a 32mm depth of cut so will easily handle the standard 18-20mm thick sheet of manmade material.
Staff at Optimum Signs claim “The ZM has made a huge difference and hasn’t compromised the space in our workshop. We are saving money and our turnaround time has been reduced significantly”
Sagetech Machinery offer a full inclusive package with all of their machines. This includes a fully packaged machine and personal delivery to your unit. Experienced engineers will then build and install your machine while giving you full training to ensure that you can use the machine to it’s full potential and achieve the best results. All machines come with a 12-month warranty.
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A Season of Exhibitions

Following the Summer period Sagetech Machinery will be busy preparing for a season of exhibitions to include W18 Joinery and Furniture Manuafacturing Show and Euro Trophex aimed at Trophy, Awards, Engraving and Personalisation Industry. During the Spring, we exhibited at smaller more regional business shows to promote our brand and range of machinery with local businesses with an aim of growing our local network. From September at the larger national and international shows, the focus will be more industry targeted, where our team will be exhibiting alongside other suppliers and manufacturers from the industry.


Starting on 30th September to 3rd October, W Exhibition is the leading furniture and joinery event in the UK and attracts over 10,000 visitors. Held every two years, at Birmingham NEC, leading companies will be showcasing the latest products and developments. Sagetech Machinery have been exhibiting here for many years and we are looking forward to demonstrating how our products have developed over the years with the introduction of new materials and hardware to improve performance. We will be demonstrating from our range of panel saws the Zapkut ZM and Koolkut KF, introducing new lines of machinery and we will be launching and demonstrating our Desktop CNC Engraver.

Euro Trophex is Europe’s largest Trophy, Awards, Engraving and Personalisation Event and has previously been held in Amsterdam. Held over two days the 3rd and 4th November, this year it will take place at the Estrel Congress Center in Berlin, Europe’s largest hotel, congress and entertainment centre. The move has taken place to allow for the growing demand on this event from both visitors and exhibitors.  This will be Sagetech Machinery’s first European show and is an excellent way for us to respond to enquiries from Europe as this popular event is attended by companies and visitors from over 70 countries. It will give us the opportunity to meet up with some of our international re-sellers and potentially meet with some new ones, expanding the availability of Sagetech’s products across Europe and beyond. Like W18 this will be a great platform for us to be able to launch our Desktop CNC Engraver. We will be able to demonstrate how off-cuts, saved from using our Vertical Panel Saws can be utilised to make creative and useful items, helping organisations to care for the environment and turn what would usually be wasted into cash.

Why not contact our team to pre-book an appointment at one of the shows? call us on 0191 6913044 or email


Zapkut ZM from Sagetech – The Saw You Can’t Afford NOT to Use!

By Peter Brett

We have all heard stories of how investment in expensive tools is so great that you can’t afford to have any downtime on them. Well, how about a British designed and made vertical panel saw that is accurate, easy to use and is reasonably priced – so reasonably priced in fact, that small workshops can afford to buy one and find a place for it in the premises.

The saw I am talking about is the Zapkut ZM series from British company, Sagetech Machinery, a company with many years’ experience making vertical panel saws for many types of users.

The ZM series comes in two sizes – the ZM12 and the ZM16. The difference is that the ZM 12 will take sheets of material of 2500x1250mm while the ZM 16 will take a full 3100x1600mm sheet. Both saws have a 32mm depth of cut so will easily handle the standard 18-20mm thick sheet of manmade material.

What I liked about the ZM12 when I tried it was the absolute simplicity of use. On the cleverly designed, rotatable sawhead (needed for vertical and horizontal cutting) is mounted a standard Festool plunge saw, which is included with the machine. This can be connected to Sagetech’s optional excellent dust collection vacuum, so this ticks the important H&S dust safety box. Since the saws can also be tilted for mitre cuts, accurate bevel cuts come as standard with the Zapkut ZM.

So how – when we are told that British manufacturing industry can’t compete – does Sagetech Machinery produce a saw that retails at under £5,000 that has almost pinpoint accuracy every time? The answer seems to lie in clever design, maximum use of standard components and precision laser cutting and welding.

Each saw starts its life in a modern factory near Worcester where precision laser cut components are cut and shaped. Again by using lasers to produce the components, the all important top and bottom beams of the saw are accurately placed and then the rest of the framework holds them into a well-braced whole that does not move – I tried it – it is rigid!

The all important bearings and runners are off the shelf components – obviously cheaper to obtain and replace if necessary. You might also notice that the things like the sacrificial bearers are made from strips of MDF and the stops are made of steel strips with MDF sections that are simply screwed into place. This arrangement makes it easy for end users to replace worn out pieces themselves, adding to the cost effectiveness of the whole package.

With barely five minutes of explanation and a limited experience of using vertical panel saws, I was able to get a perfect right angle cut on a piece of 18mm thick MDF board safely and easily. Because operating the saw is a two handed operation, fingers are kept well away from any dangerous bits and there was no discernible dust in the air. As usual, it took longer to load and align the sheet than it did to do the cut.

The target market? I think that any “small user” cutting between 10 to 30 sheets a week would soon recoup their investment with the greater accuracy and speed that it would bring to production. Since wall saws take up very little space and are actually much safer and more accurate than using a table saw to cut sheet materials, it seems to me a bit of a no brainer to give the Zapkut range a look. It could be a very wise decision indeed.


Koolkut KF Vertical Panel Saws from Sagetech Machinery – Accurate, Capable and British Made

By Peter Brett – independent machinery tester

 Sagetech Machinery is a well-established British company specialising in making vertical panel saws – from heavy duty models that are at home in a very busy professional joinery workshop right down to the portable ZK8 that can be folded up and taken on site.

I know from questioning regular users of vertical panel saws (most often used from timber yards and joinery shops to signmakers and plastics distributors to cut up sheet materials) that they can be very difficult to load up and adjust. I have had sheets of MDF cut for me that can be as much as 10mm out of square from corner to corner – but if you read the fine print you have no comeback.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy a vertical panel saw that came at an affordable price, was inherently accurate due to the use of strong frames and robust bearings and was made in the UK? Well you can – and I was given the opportunity to try out the new Koolkut KF12 at the W16 Show at the NEC.

My first examination of the Koolkut KF range focussed on strength and rigidity of the frame. It goes without saying that any flexibility in the frame would make for an inaccurate saw. It is very clear, even to the naked eye, from the stand and frame and the top and bottom bearing runners, that strength is simply built in. The steel is thick and rigid enough to support the heavy sheets of MDF etc that will be the daily diet of these saws. This is all achieved by using the most modern laser cutting and bending methods at a factory near Worcester.

The use of lasers for precision cutting once again makes a vital difference, ensuring that the top beam and column bearing surfaces are precise, with the bottom supports exactly parallel to the top beam. In this way Sagetech Machinery is able to achieve astonishing accuracy for its machines. Of course we know that due maintenance is required to maintain accuracy, but it is comforting to know that accuracy is intentionally designed and built in.

I also examined the bearings on the sawhead closely. These are standard off-the-shelf components that are not only well tested, but also reasonably priced, making maintenance easier and cheaper.

The sawhead itself uses a Festool TS75 plunge saw with some clever but simple masking on it to increase dust collection to almost 100%. The beauty of this saw arrangement is that bevel cuts are made by simply adjusting the protractor on the saw base. The sawhead itself is made from robust pressed steel with built in adjustments that are easy for end users to make, thus ensuring ongoing accuracy in use.

Horizontal cuts are made by simply releasing the catches and turning the saw to the click stop – it really is that easy to use. While in use, hands are kept well out of the way of whirling blades because the plunge and movement mechanism requires two hands to operate it.

Another feature of accurate saws is the quality of the material supports and rests. The Koolkut KF answer is as simple as it is practical – the rests are steel sections to which MDF sections are bolted so that they are easily replaceable by end users. The supports are similar but stronger, since they carry the weight of very heavy sheets.

Typical users of the Koolkut range would be smaller workshops, shop and kitchen fitters and signmakers, it is clear that the level of investment is well within the bounds of possibility and will be easily recoverable in greater productivity. And it won’t take up loads of space in the workshop either!

Time to Google SAGETECH MACHINERY maybe?

Tel: 0191 691 3044


Sagetech Machinery become a FESTOOL dealer!

It is with great pleasure that we are able to announce that SAGETECH MACHINERY LIMITED have become an authorised dealer for FESTOOL. The agreement allows us to supply all of the machinery, accessories and consumables that are offered from FESTOOL. We will be showing some of the FESTOOL range in our showroom in County Durham, along with continuing to partner our VERTICAL PANEL SYSTEMS with the FESTOOL saws and extraction systems that we have been doing for many year’s.

FESTOOL specialise in the fields of timber construction, carpentry, painting and renovation work as well as paintwork preparation and finishing. They promise perfection. No more and no less. Aim is to guarantee the same quality at all production locations, according to the “Made in Germany” standard. FESTOOL’S passion for high-quality power tools has continued for more than 90 years. We share this fascination with our users and fans. Our products make life easier for professional tradespeople – and help them to achieve perfect results faster. We always think systematically, right down to the finest detail. Over 350 patents, 80 awards, for both the products and company. And, above all our satisfied customers are testament to our innovative success.
In the coming weeks we will be launching our very own e-commerce website where you can purchase all of the FESTOOL products directly from us, with a nice little incentive. The shop link can be found below and also on our main website

The staff at SAGETECH MACHINERY have recently been through the FESTOOL dealer training so that they have the right skill sets to demonstrate the products to you along with the knowledge to guide you to the right product for your needs. This training was undertaken at Festool UK which is a subsidary of Festool Germany. Festool UK are based in Bury St Edmunds, operating since 2003 which now has around 55 employees operating in the UK in Sales, Service, Customer Service, Marketing, Finance and Accounts and Logistics.


Sagetech Machinery are an Incubator Zone Exhibitor at Durham Oktoberfest

We are glad to inform you that we are set to exhibit at Durham Oktoberfest on October 19th at the Xcel Centre in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham. The event, which returns this October for its TENTH year, focuses on showcasing the Engineering and Manufacturing excellence in the North East with over 100 exhibiting companies, many of which are now repeat exhibitors because of the value and benefits they derive from this event.

The event provides an annual opportunity for the Engineering and Manufacturing sector to come together and demonstrate both their individual and collective capability with the aim of meeting new contacts, strengthening their network and ultimately winning new orders and generating sales.

The organisers of Durham Oktoberfest have teamed up with Business Durham’s Durham Business Opportunities Programme (DBOP) to create the Incubator Zone and offer companies a mini exhibitor package which will mean the Incubator Zone exhibitors can have a presence within the show for first time event exhibitors.

We welcome anybody to come down between 9am – 4pm and say hello, but if you can’t make it on the day we will be showcasing the day on our social media (our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) so be sure to check us out there and interact using the hashtag, #Oktoberfest10.

Anybody who is attending, we hope to see you there and we look forward with interacting & networking with all the visitors and fellow exhibitors. We can’t wait to get started.