Case Study – Instant Image

Back in the late 1990’s, Peter Wilby and Max Wright of Instant Image Signs, printers with many years’ experience, were facing the realisation that with the advance of technology, their future employment was looking extremely shaky. Following a visit to the Franchise Show at the NEC, they opted to join a national franchise in the sign industry, as this seemed to relate most closely to their past experience, and enabled them to work out of a van and from home. A couple of years later, with the franchisor unable to give the promised support, they opted to become independent, and took their first unit on the present site. Whilst able to offer the normal signmaking facility, they retained their unique advantage of being able to visit sites and produce a sign out of the back of a van. This is particularly helpful as one of their main customers distributes site plant, not the easiest of things to bring into a signwriting bay!

As Peter explained: “It was a steep learning curve in those early years; however after the first three years we have been able to build up sufficient work locally that we have never needed to advertise”. He added that from the early days they always fancied having a vertical panel saw, having seen them in operation in the DIY sheds, but until they had relocated into their present unit, they did not have room. It was only when the associated garment printing company moved out and they had the budget, that they were able to consider purchasing one.

Convenience and Affordability

The convenience of being able to cut acrylic and Dibond, both of which could be on several days’ lead time, as well as being able to cut timber based materials, was always a big attraction.In their search for a machine, whilst they recognised the units in the DIY sheds would do the job, these were way beyond their budget and they wanted something more appropriate to their level of working. Through the specialist sign magazines and the Sign & Digitial Show, they became aware of the Sagetech Machinery’s range of machines, and opted for the new Koolkut KF16, giving, as Peter explained,

“ a much better quality of finish and it’s helped us improve the timeliness of our service to our customers and easily handles all the materials that we work with. It has a really solid frame and already we are starting to improve our productivity. I especially like the whole safety emphasis built into the design of the machine. I would strongly recommend it.”

Sagetech Machinery provides a very comprehensive range of sizes and models, enabling their customers, whose needs range from intermittent cutting to the higher end users (with some even cutting an average of 150 sheets a week), to select the most compact, space-saving solution appropriate to their business..

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