Case Study – Non Ferrous Stockholders Ltd


In 1982, when Bob Burt founded Wolverhampton based Non Ferrous Stockholders Ltd, little did he appreciate how the operation would grow.

Specialising in commercial brass and copper, mainly in bar coil and sheet, he and his co-directors recognised some time years later that there was an equal demand for a professional supply of engraving materials, founding Engravemet on the back of that, and have now become UK leaders in their respective fields.

The combined operation has grown dramatically from those early days, working with a very well stocked large warehouse together with a comprehensive fabrication facility. In 2008 the company was taken over by French company Clal, a manufacturing Mill of high performances alloys with branches all over the world. More recently the Board recognised the need to extend their service to customers and to be able to offer engraving substrates on a cut-to-size basis. On visiting a local company, First Plastics, whose owner said that the Sagetech Machinery’s Koolkut vertical panel saw was “the best thing you could buy”, it wasn’t long before Paul Newman made contact with Sagetech Machinery to test out the claims made by First Plastics.

He quickly realised that the quality of cut achievable with the Koolkut machine more than matched his expectations, and would allow them to purchase in larger sheets at more economical prices, whilst at the same time making sheet handling much easier with most sheets being handled by a single person, whereas previously it had required three to four. To give the company maximum sheet capacity, Paul opted to purchase the Koolkut KK21 with its 3.1 x 2.1 M capacity.

As Paul said, “this machine is not only going to give us a one-stop-shop for our customers, but will enable us to significantly improve productivity and profitability”.