Case Study – Royal Welsh College

 Flying start from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

As Will Goad, Head of Staging, explained: “The nature of our work is that we get very high peaks of demand, when our ageing table saw cannot cope. Only recently we had to produce a large number of display plinths required for a college’s ‘Balance’ Exhibition, which required the very accurate cutting of 200 sheets of MDF”.

Will was familiar with vertical panel saws, having seen one 20 years ago, and knew that is what he would always like to have for his own use in the workshop. It was a short process from undertaking a web search, which quickly identified Sagetech Machinery’s Koolkut KK12 machine with cutting capacity of 8’ x 4’ as being ideal.

Will has found that compared with their old table saw, not only is sheet handling a lot easier, both in loading the machine and also in the cutting process (the cutting head moves in both directions, but also it is much cleaner and safer). He sees the machine having a very busy future, not only with their own College productions but also with the work they undertake for other Theatre, Dance and Opera companies in Wales and further afield.

“This company has found a niche in the market supplying well designed and unique space saving vertical panel saws for smaller operations with limited budgets; nevertheless, as the Royal Welsh College are demonstrating, being able to offer machines at economical prices capable of high throughput”.

Sagetech Machinery offer five ranges of vertical panel saws, with the Koolkut KK and KF brands for customers needing heavier duty machines with high accuracy, offering cutting capacities of 8’ x 4’ (2500 x1250mm), 10’x5’(3100x1600mm) upto 3.1x 2.1 M. The Zapkut ZM units are for lighter duties such as sign making and smaller businesses, offering the same cutting dimensions, whilst the unique ZK folding, portable units have been designed for those cutting sheets up to 8’ x 4’, and who need to save space and be able to stow the saw away when not in use, or even for cutting out on site. An the newest range the TECHKUT for the highest industrial sheeting cutting needs this range is ideal with sheet cutting upto 5m x 2m.


Sagetech thus provides a very comprehensive range of sizes and models, enabling their customers, whose needs range from intermittent cutting to the higher end users (with some even cutting an average of about 150 sheets a week), to select the most compact, space-saving solution appropriate to their business.

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