TECHKUT Range – From 8ft x 4ft to 5m x 2m

Double award winning, Sagetech Machinery is delighted to announce the newest model to our range of Vertical Panel Saws the TECHKUT .With over  20 years’ experience in the wood processing industry, manufacturing British made and designed Vertical Panel Saw focused on Panel Cutting and Grooving technologies, we are extremely excited to showcase our latest product! Always aiming  towards advanced technology, high quality products and customer satisfaction all the time, our company has proven itself with its products, recognized in both domestic and foreign markets reaching a broad customer base for a number of application cutting.


  • TK12 – 8FT X 4FT
  • TK16 -10FT X 5FT
  • TK31 – 3M X 2M
  • TK41 – 4M  X 2M
  • TK51 – 5M X 2M


DESIGN: Renewed cutting head offers you thee opportunity to operate a modern machine with ease of use. The meter system easily measure’s from the bottom of short pieces and completely along the largest parts of bigger pieces of material. These models have vertical and horizontal sizing with a three phase mechanical system and has the reliability that every operator can use it easily and accurately.

DIGITAL DISPLAY: The renewed magnetic meter holder enables the highest precision and accurate cutting. You can size the smallest parts with the meter extension within seconds.

SHELF SYSTEM: Thanks to our new folding shelf system, you can size small parts and once you have closed the shelf system, you can cut any larger pieces. Small sized parts can be easily cut into sizes without causing the operator to lose time because of this fantastic shelving system. The material panel is protected from damages during horizontal ripping operations due to the automatic traveling panel system.

CARRIAGE SYSTEM: Precision-machined, high quality load bearing rollers equipped with double bearings helps the operator to allow the panel to travel on the machine easily and  safely.

DUST EXTRACTION: Thanks to the extra dust extraction unit that is integrated on the right side of the machine, the dust emission is at the lowest level. This brilliant extraction unit allows the operator to work in a cleaner and healthier environment!

SCORING BLADE: The scoring blade system is available on the TK41 machine which prevents panel breakages and cracks that might occur during sizing process.

Picture above is of the TK41:  

All sizes come with the following:                       

  • Vertical – Horizontal Digital Readout
  • Automatic Lock System
  • Angle Cutting kit
  • TRK dust extraction
  • Motor Power: 4hp – 5.5hp
  • Electric Power consumption: 3kw – 4kw
  • Rotation: 3000 rpm
  • 2 Blade system: Cutting & Scoring
  • Main Blade Rotation: 5800 rpm
  • Scoring Blade Rotation: 7800 rpm
  • Vertical and Horizontal cutting height – full height of sheet sizes.
  • Vertical and Horizontal cutting length – full length of sheet sizes.
  • Cutting depth: 60mm
  • Metal Wheel bottom supports
  • Automatic movable supports
  • Cutting Blade size: 250 x 8 x 30 x 3,2
  • Scoring Blade size: 80 x 20 x 2.8-3.6 (10+10) adjustable scoring blade


That’s right you can purchase the TECHKUT TK41 Vertical panel saw from as little as £68 per week plus vat*! Contact a member of the team NOW on 0191 691 3044 or email us on