No sleepless nights with a Sagetech Vertical Panel Saw

April 05 2023

Company Name: GB Bedding Astley

What do you do? 

G & B Bedding. Bed manufacturers in Manchester, with our factory showroom in the heart of Astley. We make mattresses and divans in our own factory. Plus, we supply a range of bedframes and headboards from quality suppliers.

Where did you hear about Sagetech Machinery?

We came across Sagetech Machinery on the internet

Why did you decide to purchase a Vertical Panel Saw?

My old saw had been great, we had it for many years. Its had a range of problems which we had sorted but it was time to replace the saw with a new one

How did you find the sales and installation process?

Mark was great in helping us pick a machine for us. He talked us through the options, showed us the machine and also the Youtube videos of it in action. The guys dropped the machine off one day and the engineer turned up another to then get the installation done and then train our team! All done without any problems

How has a Vertical Saw benefited you and your business ?

The new saw is great, its a lot more accurate than our old saw and more importantly just works when we need it to work! The machine looks great and is really sturdy – the new saw gives me the confidence our work wont get delayed by the old machine break downs.

How did you find the sales and installation process?

After a couple of conversations with David and watching videos from the Sagetech YouTube channel I was sold on the machine. From when the order was placed we spoke a few times to arrange delivery and installation. The delivery was quick and the engineer came to install the machine and train our guys on general use and maintenance 

How has a Vertical Saw benefited you and your business ?

Its allowed us to save on outsourcing and made us more efficient in production. Having a stock of acrylic and perspex allows us to create the panels that we need on the same day so this allows us to fulfil customer orders quicker and with fewer mistakes than what the outsourcing often brought.

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