Daktronics take on a Kool new machine!

March 09 2022

Case Study and Testimonial Questions

Company Name: Daktronics 

What do you do? 

Daktronics provide solutions for the transport industry with LEDS – we have become a world leader producing LED displays and we have our displays installed these in over 120 countries 

Where did you hear about Sagetech Machinery?

We had been googling for vertical panel saws and came across Sagetech Machinery. Being a UK company who provided full delivery, installation and training as part of the wall saw package was a huge plus for us, 

Why did you decide to purchase a Vertical Panel Saw?

We needed a wall saw machine for cutting OSB board to make packaging containers for our displays to be shipped al over the world. Although we have a vast area in our building space is still a premium so the vertical panel saw allowed us to have the machine we need and fit in a small foot printed area. We needed a robust and compact vertical panel saw, but still within budget in the current situation the world was living in with COVID!

How did you find the sales and installation process?

The whole process was so easy. We picked the wall saw and called Sagetech. We spoke about availability then delivery. Given we are in southern west Ireland I thought this might have been a challenge but I was delighted to find out the Sagetech team could supply us with the machine. The delivery happened when it was planned. The engineer was fantastic at talking us through the machine. The training on the wall saw was excellent! It was a whole new process for the team and we needed to make us the correct people had the in depth training they needed on the panel saw.

How has a Vertical Saw benefited you and your business ?

Since investing in an industrial woodworking machine, which the Koolkut wall saw certainly is, we have been able to stop outsourcing our cutting needs – this means no extra costs for cutting needs and our crates can be made same day to order and constructed ready for shipping in no time! They old saying is Time is money – well this Koolkut vertical panel saw machine is saving us a lot of time!

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