TECHKUT – The perfect cut!

March 09 2022

Case Study and Testimonial Questions

Company Name: Middas Interior Solutions Ltd

What do you do? 

We are a design and manufacturing company specialising in demountable, performance driven, steel partitioning systems, suspended ceilings, door sets as well as extensive architectural specials and one off designs.

Where did you hear about Sagetech Machinery?

We found Sagetech Machinery through google. We found the website very user friendly which provided lots of videos of the wall saw, case studies and images of the vertical panel saw machine! We liked the idea of the company being UK based who have been manufacturing and building machines for over 30 years!

Why did you decide to purchase a Vertical Panel Saw?

We needed to help our production team in improving their outputs in-terms of volume and efficiency. Before investing in the  Techkut vertical panel saw machine our production team were cutting each plasterboard sheet by hand – requiring preparation marking the cut and then after cut cleaning – this also made some of the duct particles become airborne. We wanted the right machine for the job but also the right environment for the machine and our team. We looked at other panel cutting machines, but decided a compact vertical panel saw was the perfect fit for our business.

How did you find the sales and installation process?

The staff at Sagetech were amazing for us – not only did they find out about requirements for the machine they also helped with the area for the wall saw machine and advice on extraction for our materials. The delivery process was smooth and the Sagetech engineer commissioned the machine without disruption to our ongoing production and the training was great. Our production guys instantly fell in love with the machine too! 

How has a Vertical Saw benefited you and your business?

Since installation we have seen our production times improve hugely. From cutting sheets by hand to now cutting down large sheet on a perfect vertical panel saw machine is just worlds apart! We have also seen less waste material which happens from a more accurate cut and better finish of cut from our old process. As the machine is contained in its own room this has removed the risk for any airborne particles reaching other production areas and staff too – why didn’t we do this sooner!

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