The NEW Koolkut KK Vertical Panel Saw Range

In July 2019 we have launched the NEW KOOLKUT KK Vertical Panel Saw. The new and improved version of the original machine! The NEW model comes in 8ftx 4ft and 10ft x 5ft  cutting sizes, 50mm cutting depth and 45 degree angle cutting. A modern, stylist heavy industrial machine that bridges the gap from the KOOLKUT KF machine to the industrial TECHKUT TK range.


The KOOLKUT  range is designed for workshops with cutting requirements ranging from light to intermediate-to-heavy industrial. Featuring a heavy steel frame for durability and cutting accuracy, these wall saws, while feature-rich and economically priced, still require only a small operating footprint, helping you make the best use of your workshop. The Koolkut KK range was launched in 2002 with machines now having been supplied worldwide.  Customers of note have included the UK Ministry of Defence, the Crown Estates, the UK’s National Theatre, the Dyson Factory (and a second machine on his own estate), TV studios, Football stadia, and many universities, colleges and schools.

NEW KK12: For cutting 8’ x 4’ sheets 2440 x 1220 mm

NEW KK16: For cutting 10’ x 5’ sheets 3100 x 1600 mm                         

Max cutting depth 50mm

  • Floor standing, with moving column
  • Low cost for moving column unit
  • Comes complete with Makita saw, quick stops, roll out middle level fence.
  • High rotational speed can be varied, which is a useful benefit for cutting materials such as acrylic and polycarbonate, which have a propensity to shatter.
  • Largest thickness of machine for cutting material over the other ranges.
  • Perfect for veneered board/ MFC material.
  • Optional extras & consumables available for the Koolkut KK machine click here!

“One of the biggest benefits is that it is saving our backs; it is so much easier to carry in a sheet and just drop it onto the saw than it ever was with a table saw and then having to move it through. We really like the fact that it cuts square and so accurately, which saves us considerable time on site when fitting the results. The optional vacuum unit has cut out the dust in the air and residual dust on the workpiece, making this process much cleaner.”

“The work is being done a lot quicker and now I am getting home in time for tea!….  indeed it has been benefits all round, and I haven’t found a downside at all;  I’m really pleased with it. Sagetech is one of the best companies I have had dealings with over the last eight years”.

“There was plenty of detail on the saws: I was able to get all the information I needed to properly assess whether a Koolkut would be right for us,” he noted. “As a company they’re open, approachable and non-pushy; really nice to deal with.”

As co-Managing Director, Raphael Brault, explained, the particular benefit that the Sagetech machines offer is their ability to cut quickly, easily cleanly and accurately some of the harder signmaking materials such as aluminium composites, acrylics, and polycarbonates. What Raphael particularly liked is the flexibility and comprehensiveness of Sagetech’s four ranges. He recognised that the Zapkut ZK unit, which is uniquely portable and lightweight, will appeal to small businesses where, when not in service, the machine folds up compactly and can be stored by hanging it on the wall.

“Neat, precise cuts are essential for the various parts of a sign to fit together correctly. When folding, accuracy is vital for the folds to work correctly, with everything properly aligned. The Zapkut takes it all in its stride.”

“It was the ZM12’s moving column and very attractive price tag that convinced us,” said Trevor. “It’s much more compact in operation than the Holz-Her was and as far as safety is concerned – well, it’s in a different league.”


That’s right for this month only you can purchase the KOOLKUT KK Vertical panel saw from as little as £28 per week plus vat*! Contact a member of the team NOW on 0191 691 3044 or email us on