Customer Service & Aftercare

Customer Service and Aftercare

 At SAGETECH MACHINERY LIMITED, customer service and aftercare is more important than just selling you a machine! 

Making sure you, our customer is 100% happy with the service, before, during and after your purchase from us is our number 1 priority as a business. We strongly feel that it is not just about selling you a machine and waving you off after the money has cleared in to the bank. It is about building a working relationship, a partnership for the future so that as your business grows, SAGETECH MACHINERY grows with you!

Being open and honest with you from the very first time you make an enquiry with us, is the process that we will follow forever! Our specially trained team will undertake a full needs analysis around your business requirements, your sheet cutting needs and to discuss your possible future plans to make sure we identity the right vertical panel saw for you. If a cheaper alternative machine within our range is right, we will recommend that machine to you rather than sell you the most expensive model or the incorrect one for your needs. We will also not overload you with any hidden extras /  add on’s you do not need! But, we will advice you on what you do need!

The Sagetech Machinery range of  vertical panel saw’s are provided with everything you need as one complete package! A complete turnkey solution ensures that your machine is fully installed to our  highest standards and allows for your staff to be trained to operate the machine before our engineers leave your premises. The turnkey solution that the ZAPKUT ZM, KOOLKUT KF and KOOLKUT KK vertical panel saws include:

  • Brand New Machine
  • Brand New Festool saw & general blade –  Festool TSS 55 for Zapkut ZM and  Festool TS75 for Koolkut
  • Delivery
  • Installation, Commissioning and Training
  • Dust Extraction
  • 12 months warranty of the machine
  • Up to 36 months warranty on the Festool saw


Our machines are UK made using our high calibre precision engineering team and constructed by our manufacturing team meaning we are confident our machines will be made to our high standards. Our aftersales team will happily support any queries that arise and if you need an engineer we have a network of 11 engineers that can support you and when required visit you at your premises.


Our reasoning behind a complete turn-key solution for our customers was summarised very nicely by one of our signage customer’s who simply stated the following:

As a sign maker selling vinyl car wraps,  I would not expect a customer to fit a full wrap with no experience. So why would a customer looking at purchasing one of your Vertical Panel Saws think they could fully install the machine to your high standards with no engineering background?



  • Once you have purchased a ZAPKUT ZM, KOOLKUT KF or KOOLKUT KK vertical panel saw you will be covered with 12 months parts warranty (excluding mdf slats) on the machine from us.
  • The festool saw head can come with up to 36 months warranty which is ran directly with Festool. (You will need to complete the Festool warranty card to activate the warranty once you have your new vertical panel saw installed.)
  • We strongly recommend to have a service on your machine every 12-18 months depending on the volume of sheet cutting you are doing. This will ensure the vertical panel saw is fully working, aligned, squared and we can recap on any training for old or new staff.
  • We offer additional training for new staff if your company requires it down the line.
  • Our technical support department are on-hand for any support you may need with your machine, cutting, consumables or general advice.


For added piece of mind you can take out an additional warranty on your Vertical Panel Saw to make sure that you have complete protection for your machine in order to minimise any disruption to your production. To discuss our warranty plans please email us on


That’s right for this month only you can take advantage of HUGE ancillary discount packages when purchased with any Vertical Panel Saw! Contact a member of the team NOW on 0191 691 3044 or email us on