Some FAQ’s for our Vertical Panel Saws

Why do I need the full package that includes installation and training?

The reason for offering a turnkey package with the ZAPKUT ZM, KOOLKUT KF or KOOLKUT KK vertical panel saws is to ensure that your brand new machine is installed correctly from our fully trained engineers! They will also provide you with the operator training you need to be fully confident in using the machine so you start repping the benefits of the machine right away and eliminating any inconvenience for you!

When ripping what stops the top piece from falling off the machine?

The machines are inclined at 15 degrees in accordance with the CE standard, preventing this from happening

What materials are you cutting?

Signmakers don’t need such a heavyweight machine or the same accuracy as woodworkers – but would for example need a heavier machine for 10mm acrylic.

What is the maximum thickness?

So someone cutting worktops needs a Koolkut machine as they go up to 40mm thick, weight is also an issue.

How many sheets a week do you want to cut ?

Here the website has been set up to give guidance, see the options and also the section on product overview on the website

Can I cut aluminium ?

Yes, however soft aluminium is a problem to all fast cutting blades as it deforms rather than cuts so clogging teeth – use a silicon type spray on the blade to minimise clogging.

Other metals?

Similarly they will cut Dibond, and we have found that similar sheets with steel instead of aluminium can also be cut on these machines.  Generally when cutting thin steel a slower rotational speed – turn down the speed on the motor, and a softer carbine works best.

Can I cut PVC or similar low melting point soft plastics ?

Yes but you will need a saw blade with few teeth and big gaps therefore between the teeth to get waste away before it rebonds up into a great big mess

What stops the weight of the top piece when ripping from jamming the saw blade?

The saw unit has a riving knife behind the blade which keeps the cut open, and by the end on a long weighty cut, the starting point may have closed but the angle is so small, this is not an issue.

With the ZK can I cut 25 mm boards?

Possibly but as the depth of cut is 44 mm but there is a weight guidance limit of 40 Kgm, which is about the weight of an 8’ x 4’ sized sheet of 18 mm thick MDF, which weighs in at 39Kgm normally

How does one align one of these machines?

Via our engineers on installation or there is help in the manual

Do I need dust extraction?


Will my dust extractor do?

A vacuum type extractor is required, there are two types of extractor – high airflow, low pressure differential, and high pressure differential low airflow – with machines such as ours where you use flexible pipe with bends and diameter changes, every one of which creates a pressure drop, you will realize the high airflow units are useless.  These typically have a filter at the top and a collection bag at the bottom – they will not work!

What saw blade comes with the machine?

The ZK, users put their own motor on of a 190mm diameter, most units come with a general pupose blade so not ideal  – for blade guidance, the STC for general purpose quality cutting, with the SHB blades for cutting MFC (melamine faced chipboard/MDF) as these are the best blade geometry of any for minimising chipping or breakout cross cutting ply, with the diamond for materials that are abrasive such as cement board or fiberglass.


Are the machine’s automatic – haha you must be joking at our prices, so we are sorry to say no!


That’s right for this month only you can take advantage of HUGE ancillary discount packages when purchased with any Vertical Panel Saw! Contact a member of the team NOW on 0191 691 3044 or email us on hello@sagetechmachinery.co.uk