The ZM Moving-Column Panel Saw Range

One of the world’s most compact moving-column wall saws, and the most economically priced. Zapkut ZM vertical panel saws offer plunge and bevel capability. Economical, versatile and accurate, they are ideal for smaller workshops with LOW VOLUME PRODUCTION

Sheet cutting for signmaking or woodworking is now affordable and efficient thanks to the ZM’s innovative design and manufacturing techniques. Highly compact, the ZM moving column vertical panel saw, which has a robust steel frame, precision bearings and a powerful, high quality, plunge saw head.

The ZM Range will take up to 3.1 x 1.6M sheets.

Standard Features

Each machine is equipped with an easy to use “midway” fence for cutting smaller pieces at waist height and a solid calibrated “Quick stop system” at both low and waist height for accurate dimensional cutting.

Optional Extras

  • Ripcut Guage
  • Choice of blades to suit most non ferrous materials
  • Dust extraction

Other Specifications

  • Compact moving head design
  • Precision bearings for smoother operation
  • Accurate cutting
  • Plunge and bevel capability
  • Depth Control
  • Powerful saw head
  • Easy change from rip to cross cut
  • Provision for dust extraction
  • Variable Motor speed

Sheet Capacity

ZM12 up to 2.5m x 1.25m.
ZM16 up to 3.1m x 1.6m.

*Sheet cutting guide per week is a rough guide. Bases on cutting 8ft x 4ft sheets of 6mm plywood.