March 30 2017

Now the business is expanding under the new ownership, Sagetech Machinery are becoming more customer focused, offering a tailored service, to support their clients on finding the best machine for their requirements. It is with this in mind, that Sagetech Machinery have made improvements to their ZAPKUT ZM model, to make it more efficient, for sign makers.

Prior to this years SIGN & DIGITAL 2017 exhibition the new company are extremely excited to release details about the upgraded ZAPKUT ZM VERTICAL PANEL SAW, which is manufactured by them, right here in the UK. This unique machine has been improved specifically for sign makers, which can cut sheet material such as DIBOND, FOAMEX, CORREX, PLYWOOD, ACRYLIC and PERSPEX to name just a few. This huge product development is focused on the vertical column of the machine by replacing the old bungee style system and being upgraded to the heavy duty metal pulley system similar which is also used on the industrial KOOLKUT range.

This upgrade provides a significant benefit to sign makers when cutting their 8×4 or 10×5 sheet material. The much improved system allows for a stronger, more consistent smoother cutting process across all material especially, DIBOND. Adding on the router head to the ZM machine enables the manufacture of folded DIBOND panel’s and trays on the vertical panel saw. By using the V Groove aluminium saw blade in the router head, it allows DIBOND panels to be precision cut creating a perfect fold in the tray. Sign makers then can apply their print or acrylic letters to the panel or tray and create a beautiful new sign, with little expense!

With Sagetech Machinery being FCA approved, meaning a ZAPKUT ZM VERTICAL PANEL SAW can now be purchased by sign makers on finance! With machines starting from £20 per week there is no excuse not to bring manufacturing in house with a brand new SAGETECH VERTICAL PANEL SAW.

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