Exhibiting at Trophex 2019

January 08 2019

After a successful trip to Eurotrophex in Berlin, Sagetech Machinery exhibiting be at Trophex 2019!

Sagetech Machinery are delighted to confirm that they will be exhibiting at Trophex 2019. Following on from an exciting and successful trip to Berlin for Eurotrophex 2018 the team at Sagetech Machinery will be present on the 13th and 14th of January to exhibit their popular Desktop CNC Engraver and show examples of what their engraver is capable of making.

Sagetech Machinery have had an exciting and successful 2018 with various exhibitions and the launch of their new range of Vertical Panel Saw, the Techkut and their Desktop CNC Engraver. The team will be demonstrating their engraving, while showing off products that they have been desiging to show the full potential of this fantastic piece of machinery. There will be some exciting discussions to be had, with the announcement of new models and sizes of engravers.

Sagetech Machinery are known as the UK’s leading manufacture of Vertical Panel Saw’s, however they also manufacture 3D Printers and Engravers. The engraver was designed following on from feedback from customers who own a Sagetech Manufacturing Vertical Panel Saw, wanting to utilise the many offcuts that they were left with after they had finished cutting down their sheets of wood.


Managing Director Craig Williams explains ” It became apparent, after multiple conversations with our clients that there was a lot of wastage coming from the off cuts of wood. We wanted to design an engraver that could accommodate the size of the off cuts and give a new revenue stream to our clients who could now engrave onto the left-over wood and sell a new range of items”.

As the Desktop Engraver had been so popular in Berlin, they wanted another opportunity to show its potential in the UK and give new clients an idea of exactly what their Engraver is capable of. The CNC Router is not only perfect for smaller woodworking projects but also allows for the engraving of other materials such as acrylic, Styrofoam, plastic and soft metals. Commercial Director Sophie Williams states “We enjoy being updated by our clients and sending images back to us of the work they have been doing, utilising their engraver. We have seen the engraver designing products such as toolboxes, seasonal ornaments and decorations, kitchen utensils, boards and plaques plus more.”

This engraver also comes inclusive with Vectric Software to ensure maximum enjoyment of the CNC. The team chose to offer Vectric as it offers a fantastic online community to support both experienced engravers and novice engravers to get the most from their machines. With fantastic tutorials and free plans to get you going, you can enjoy using your engraver as soon as your machine is delivered.

So come along to stand 15 and see what all the fuss is about.