Approved Used Machines


Alongside our home grown brand new British manufactured Vertical Panel Saws, Sagetech Machinery are also now offering APPROVED USED MACHINES! The used vertical panel saw machines that have been traded in by our own clients who are upgrading their previous Sagetech models, giving us the opportunity to asses the value of their previous machines, make any improvements and have our own team of engineers vet them to ensure that they still have plenty of life left in them. We only sell on  approved used machines, that we are confident are to our standard and have substantial use available!

With us now offering our TRADE IN-TRADE UP SCHEME it means that the second hand machines that are available aren’t only our own Sagetech Vertical Panel Saws but that we are also able to offer a range of other equipment to suit everyone’s needs and  possible cutting requirements. These machines are sold with no warranty but as trade in / part exchange machines to help our existing customer purchase a new sagetech vertical panel saw.

If you have a machine that you are looking to trade in alongside purchasing your new Vertical Panel Saw, then get in touch for an evaluation by emailing


KOOLKUT KK16 Vertical Panel Saw

  • Trade in from a customer upgrading to a KK21 machine
  • All MDF slats and back boards will be replaced.
  • Dewalt Saw 110v
  • Dust Extraction with new hose
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Training