Koolkut vertical cutting platforms

Koolkut vertical panel saws are ideal for light-to-medium industrial use, especially by businesses with limited space. This sheet saw range has been designed to deliver accuracy, longevity and durability at attractive prices!

Typical sheet cutting workload is up to 100 sheets per week. Uniquely, Koolkut saws can cut simple and compound angles, as well as bevels, to the full length and breadth of the sheet.

Significantly more capable than any table saw or hand-held circular saw, they are ideal as signmaking or woodworking tools, as well as in a host of other applications.

The KK range features simple and compound angle cutting to the full length and breadth of the sheet, plunge and bevel cutting, quick stops for rapid and precise dimensioning, and mid-height supports, facilitating the cutting of smaller workpieces.

The Koolkut KF range is ideal for those who require a heavier duty unit than the Zapkut ZM range, but do not require the greater accuracy or workload capacity of the Koolkut KK saws.

  • Heavy rigid construction
  • Precision bearings sealed for life
  • Clean operation
  • Plunge and bevelcutting
  • Wall or floor fixing
  • Comprehensive options include angle cutting


KK12 vertical panel saw cuts boards of up to 8′ x 4′ (2.5m x 1.25m)
KK16 up to 10′ x 5′ (3.1m x 1.6m) and the KK21 up to 3.1m x 2.1m