March 05 2017

Since the changing of the guard that took place in January, Sagetech Machinery are making it easier for our customers to get in touch to discuss their Vertical Panel Saw needs.

Here at Sagetech Machinery, we appreciate that it is not always easy to get in touch and discuss your machine in your normal working day. We understand that while you are working hard and communicating with your clients between 9-5, that it can be more convenient to do your Vertical Panel Saw research after 5pm or on a weekend.

In January, we introduced our online chat system, LIVE CHAT,  which is available from 08.30am, into the evening alongside weekends, making it more convenient for you to do your research at times that benefit your business needs. Our phones are available until 8pm on an evening and we are now delighted to add Whatsapp and Instant messaging to our methods of communication.

Whatsapp has become a more popular method of communication over the last couple of years, due to the increase in smartphone and tablet use. Following on from an increased demand of consumers, especially our International clients, requesting for communication through Whatsapp, we have now introduced this as a standard method of communication between our staff and customers. Once you have established communication with your machine specialist, they will give you their instant messaging contact number, making it easier for the two of you to discuss any further questions you may have at times that are convenient for you!

Visit the below link on how to download the Whatsapp app for your mobile phone:


Our main Whatsapp and IMessage contact number is 07484902104

So what are you waiting for? It is now even easier to discuss the best solution for your  sheet cutting requirements!


Also contact the team for full details and finance pricing for all of our machines.

T: 0191 691 3044

E: hello@sagetechmachinery.co.uk